What To Do During A Tree Risk Assessment?

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Nature is what makes this world beautiful and unique. Within the nature lies millions of trees which makes up our eco system balanced. Of course if you have trees in your backyard or maybe you are someone who owns a land where there are many trees present well it becomes your responsibility to be the judge and jury, to see if the trees are in good position or not.

When you hire an arborist or someone who understands trees you will get all the details regarding how your trees are behaving or will they be a good fit or not for the environment.Now an arborist would provide you with proper tree risk assessment in which all the details will be provided so that for future reference you would know everything what to do.

Let’s see how tree risk assessment can be done:

1. Prevention of Unsafe Trees: As said earlier it is the obligation of the holder that he or she always inspects the trees that are they even good or will they be a threat. Chances are many owners will eventually cut down the trees that are physically unsafe.

2. Scrutinize: When a consultant is hire he or she will see the condition of trees. Usually the inspection would be done after few years let’s say 3 to 4 years or if there has been strong rains or any major catastrophe regarding to weather.

3. Record Keeping: No matter what turns up in the scrutiny it should be recorded for future use so that you can have an understanding that what’s happening with the trees and what can be done in future to prevent any hazard.

4. Planting Trees: There are times when old trees or trees that become a risk have to be cut down so in order to replace them a seed is planted so that in future that seed grows up to be a strong healthy tree and balances the eco system. It is also necessary to know that the next tree that will be planted should sufficient enough that it can sustain any amount of nature’s abuse.

Ultimately trees are the life source and life takers. If a tree is in a good shape physically and also with its foundation, than there is a good chance that nothing is needed to do except to wait and see how it turns out. Vice versa if the roots of the tree are damaged then the whole tree becomes a risk that at some point it might start losing its branches and one day it would just die, at that moment it becomes clear to remove it so another tree can take its place by planting a seed which can be a successor.

Writen by Emma Rosenstengel