Tint It To Make It Dark

Window tinting has now become a very common thing; there are certainly some levels of window tinting. Surprisingly the measurement criteria is a bit unique, starting from the ‘no tint’ or 0% it moves ahead to 50%, 35%, 30%, 20%,15% and last 5%; okay so the deal is 50% is not considered the 50% of dark it’s like showing the remaining bright version of the glass after 50% tint, likewise 35% is denoting the 35% remaining brightness of the class and the rest 65% is black and so on at the level of 5% it means that the glass is almost protected and nothing can be passed through it (nor sunlight neither human eye visual power) hence the 5% means 5% brightness is left and 95% has been infected with darkness.

Of course the price range varies from quality to quality and the level of the tinting. The best way is to do it yourself before targeting the car window or big glass door of the room try it on the piece of square small glass and then try on something important. Anyways here we will discuss few basic steps through which one can easily tint the glass window without spending too much money and taking professional help. So let’s role:

Shower some water on the piece of glass, make it wet properly and let the water stay there do not wipe anything let the water drip all over the glass. Yes one can use the water gun, spray and small shower to do this. Try to wipe the glass completely and make it free from dust totally before spreading water on it.

Take a common blade or scrub paper (low level so that it won’t hurt the surface of the glass, from smooth to rough), now slowly blade the glass you may hear few sounds of ‘tuk tuk’ which will come as a result of the blade contact with particles (particles such as old paint drops, clotted dust particles and many more dirt which is there instead of regular cleaning). Try to move the blade in every angle. Scrap off all the dirt and particles.

Grab a nice quality squeegee and just right from one edge of the glass towards the other side wipe the water and dirt of the glass, completely each and every water drop.

Lastly now that the surface is ready to be tinted, measure the glass dimension and cut the tint film accordingly it’s better to get a helping hand from your siblings or any other helper to cut the foil correctly and accurately. It’s better to cut the foil a bit bigger once again make the glass wet again and on that wet surface paste the tint foil and let it settle properly. Cut off the extra edges and smoothen the air bubble with the help of a scrubber or anything like an atm card.