Why Do Surgeons Recommend Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement surgery is weighed as the most complicated surgery. Knee arthritis surgery needs to be done when arthritis start developing in the knee. Arthritis is the diseases that causes severe pain in the joint due to inflammation and stiffness in the joint. Every joint of the human body covered by the cartilage (soft tissues) that lubricates the bones and joints and smoothen the movement of the bones that are connected with the joint. At initial stage, doctors always try to resolve pain and stiffness of joint through physical therapies and medication but if the patient is not feeling well after these non-surgical treatments then surgeon recommend surgical way to the patient that would be joint replacement. In this operate, surgeon inserts an artificial joint that can be made up of plastic or metal and removes the damage joint and cartridge from the patient.

A research shows that patients feel less pain after the joint replacement or recovers instantly and these patients have successfully comeback in their daily routine tasks.  However, every operate has contain different risk factors as well. Patients get the great relief from pain once they have the successful joint replacement in Melbourne operate.

Risks of the joint replacement: 

We all know that every surgery carries two kind of risks. Some risks might occur during surgery and some risks occurs due to the reaction of human body after operation. One of the most common risk is anesthesia that might cause headache, nausea, drowsiness and even heart attack in rare cases. Patients who already have heart or lung diseases they might increase the complications of the surgeons during joint replacement surgeries. Joint replacement surgery cannot carry out without incision so, incision or cut in the skin actually allows bacteria to be entered in the skin that might causes skin infections. Surgeons always take necessary precautions in order to restrict bacteria to be entered into the human body. Patient should be aware of all symptoms of infection once returned back to home. If patient see or feel warmth, redness and swelling on the skin then patient have to immediately consult with the surgeon so that surgeon can prescribe antibiotic to the patient. Blood clot is the most common risk that can be formed after the surgery due to the cut of blood vessels and non-movement of the joint as well. Furthermore, pain and swelling is also common after operate but its severeness varies from person to person.


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