Don’t Put Dust Under The Rugs

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The title is a very old and famous saying that never put dust under the rugs, as eventually it destroys the well-being of the society and the area. This is something we all need to understand, cities without any plan of rubbish removal get in serious trouble in longer run. There are countries which are deprived totally due to this fact that they don’t have the ability to develop any rubbish removal system, in western countries there is a proper system. There is a misconception that rubbish removal is something pertains to normal garbage, but actually the rubbish removal in Liverpool is something related to building waste material, industrial wastage and so much more. There are so many other things which come under the umbrella of rubbish and removal. 

Not just removal buy proper disposal: There is a difference between removal and disposal. Removal is something one is removing things from one place to the other, whereas, disposal is something when you dispose the rubbish and extract the valuable material out of it; such as: iron, timber, wood and copper. Re-selling the rubbish is a very good content to earn money; hence the rubbish removal in Bankstown and disposal both are necessary. It is important to understand and apply the same. 

Poor waste management: Waste management is important and that could be a point of concern for the country as poorly disposed or undisposed wastage can affect the overall environment of the country, destroy the greenhouse effect and can kill animals badly. There are so many other things which one should understand in order to make the other species comfortable. Animals’ plants all may get badly affected with the poor management of waste. 

Complete process of waste management: there is a complete process of rubbish and waste removal. Starts off with the collection of waste from everywhere, everywhere involves houses, town halls, flats and everywhere else, which requires complete training of the waste collection staff along with the citizens. Furthermore, it moves forward with the fact that after collection, processing stage comes in after the processing comes the recycling and disposal stage. Which allows the government not only to clean the garbage but also to maintain a healthy environment overall. In addition, waste management and disposal involves the cleaning of sewerage too, it is not something which can be left alone without any monitoring. One is responsible for each and everything. Installation of dustbin and then collection of the dustbins from every area is an important thing to do. Once the system is developed we all must try to understand and follow the steps to make the environment and city more green and clean. 

Writen by Emma Rosenstengel